'A brand founded on authentic engagement makes the impossible possible. Drawing on experience, boundless energy, creativity, and a wide network, I work to facilitate positive change for companies and society, turning ambitious goals into attainable realities'


  • Behavioral scientist with expertise in HR, sustainability, and coaching.
  • Awarded "HR-manager of the year" in 2008 for creative HR strategies.
  • Extensive experience in HR and sustainability across various sectors.
  • Known for transforming cultures to align with business goals.


  • Engaging employees around a clear purpose and vision.
  • Making values and strategies tangible.
  • Facilitating, moderating, and driving development.
  • Developing organizations through HR, sustainability, and self-leadership.

How Sofia Can Help

  • Formulating higher purpose and vision for your company.
  • Cultivating a thriving company culture.
  • Fostering self-leadership for job satisfaction and innovation.
  • Enhancing team and leadership dynamics.
  • Developing coaching approaches for leaders.
  • Encouraging individual growth and coaching.


  •  "Sofia's work has been transformative." Göran Bille, Former CEO of Lindex
  •  "Impressed with Sofia's achievements." Per Sjödell, Lindex board
  •  "Tremendously flexible and engaged." Eva Marminge, Project Leader Competence events
  •  "Sofia supported my organization during a rapid growth phase." Katarzyna Suchcicka, Country Manager OX2 Poland
  •  "Sofia's ability to engage people is phenomenal." Suman Tripathi, South Asia Manager at Lindex
  •  "Sofia's brilliant communication skills lifted our spirits in challenging situations."Anna Warda, Global Planning and Group Business Controller, Novacura, Poland



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